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Oregon Screen Impressions


At a young age Chris Gunderson registered the business Oregon Screen Impressions. He had a vision to become the best screen printer he could be. At the forefront before the industry exploded Chris refined the craft by using the best quality equipment and technology to control variables and produce high quality screen print and embroidered apparel. Outgrowing the first three locations in SE Portland we searched out a new larger home.


In 2004 Oregon Screen Impressions moved to its current location at 3580 NE Broadway, where we still are today. Over the years we have grown along with the exponential growth of Portland Oregon. Working with great companies such as Nike, Adidas, Widmer Brothers, Powell's Books, and many more, Oregon Screen Impressions has built a business on the principals of quality first, and investing in the best equipment and people to achieve this.


In the past few years we’ve added some exciting new technology to streamline our process and improve the quality of our work. We have acquired 5 new presses, implemented Computer to Screen, reduced byproduct, expanded fulfillment offerings. We’re committed to continue refining our process, producing higher quality at competitive cost. We are excited for the future of OSI and our Customers, who we wouldn’t be here without.

Life's Short Get quality

OSI has for decades strived to be as ecologically conscious as possible including things as simple as recycling.  We have always been willing to invest in doing business in the ‘right way’ vs. the cheapest; an example of this is that were the first T shirt company in the United States to install a self contained screen cleaning and reclamation machine that contains the process and recycles it within itself (like an automatic car washer), compared to the standard of simply washing the byproduct down the drain.

Oregon Screen Impressions prints for schools, non profits, and many local and national businesses. We have a hands on sales team where each job is handled with the same care whether twenty four pieces or twenty four thousand. OSI is well known within Portland and nationally as one of the best in the field.

We Employ over 100 employees in two shifts. Our work force is very diverse and includes native English, Spanish, Russian, Asian speaking employees, in various levels, including management. Our workforce is almost equal between men and women and OSI does not discriminate towards race, religion, or sexual orientation.


Strive for the perfect balance
between quality and productivity.

Communicate with clarity, be advanced
but never complicated.

Constructive collegiality is key
to the stimulation of ideas.

Question standard norms before
choosing to obey them.

Embrace the difficult decisions
that drive creativity forward.

Trust in collaboration
the hallmark of our work.

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